▶ Zhimin Lu's team

1. Cell Metabolism, IF=31.373
Aerobic glycolysis promotes tumor immune evasion by hexokinase 2-mediated phosphorylation of IkBa
Guo D, Tong Y, Jiang X, Meng Y, Jiang H, Du L, Wu Q, Li S, Luo S, Li M, Xiao L, He H, He X, Yu Q, Fang J, Lu Z

2. Nature Cell Biology, IF=28.213
Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1 acts as a protein phosphatase to dephosphorylate histone H3 and regulate gene transcription.
Wang Z, Li M, Jiang H, Luo S, Shao F, Xia Y, Yang M, Liu T, Yan M, Qian X,  He H, Guo D, Duan Y, Wu K, Wang L, Ji G, Shen Y, Li L, Zheng P, Dong B, Liang T, Yu R, Xu D, and Lu Z

3. Nature Cancer, IF=23.177
Zhimin Lu/Jie He's team
Silencing EGFR-upregulated expression of CD55 and CD59 activates complement system and sensitizes lung cancer to immune checkpoint blockade therapy.
Shao F, Gao Y, Wang W, He H, Xiao L, Geng X, Xia Y, Guo D, Fang J, He J, Lu Z

4. Trends Cell Biol, IF=21.167
Regulation of gene expression by glycolytic and gluconeogenic enzymes
Bian X, Jiang H, Meng Y, Li YP, Fang J, Lu Z.

5. Nature Metabolism, IF=19.865
Glutamine synthetase licenses APC/C-mediated mitotic progression to drive cell growth
Zhao JS, Shi S, Qu HY, Keckesova Z, Cao ZJ, Yang LX, Yu X, Feng L, Shi Z, Krakowiak J, Mao RY, Shen YT, Fan YM, Fu TM, Ye C, Xu D, Gao X, You J, Li W, Liang T, Lu Z *, Feng YX*.

▶ Jie He's team

Cancer Commun (Lond) IF=15.283
A non-metabolic function of hexokinase 2 in small cell lung cancer: promotes cancer cell stemness by increasing USP11-mediated CD133 stability.
Wang J, Shao F, Yang Y, Wang W, Yang X, Li R, Cheng H, Sun S, Feng X, Gao Y, He J*, Lu Z*.
Linkú║http://doi: 10.1002/cac2.12351

▶ Yongfeng Shang's team

1. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy IF=18.187
LSD1 is required for euchromatic origin firing and replication timing
Yue Wang, Yunchao Huang, Edith Cheng, Xinhua Liu, Yu Zhang, Jianguo Yang, Jordan T F Young, Grant W Brown, Xiaohan Yang, Yongfeng Shang

2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A IF=13.451
BRD4-directed super-enhancer organization of transcription repression programs links to chemotherapeutic efficacy in breast cancer
Beibei Liu, Xinhua Liu, Lulu Hana, Xing Chen, Xiaodi Wu, Jiajing Wu, Dong Yan, Yue Wang, Shumeng Liu, Lin Shana, Yu Zhang, and Yongfeng Shang
Link: http://DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2109133119

▶ Zhihua Liu's team

1. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy IF=18.187
Dysregulated ceramides metabolism by fatty acid 2-hydroxylase exposes a metabolic vulnerability to target cancer metastasis
Zhou X#, Huang F#, Ma G#, Wei W, Wu N*, Liu Z*
2. Cancer Research IF=12.701
DLGAP1-AS2-Mediated Phosphatidic Acid Synthesis Activates YAP Signaling and Confers Chemoresistance in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Nan Y#, Luo Q#, Wu X#, Liu S, Zhao P, Chang W, Zhou A, Liu Z*
3. Molecular Therapy IF=11.454
HCP5 Prevents Ubiquitination-Mediated UTP3 Degradation to Inhibit Apoptosis by Activating c-Myc Transcriptional Activity
Nan Y, Luo Q, Wu X, Chang W, Zhao P, Liu S, Liu Z*
4. Cell Reports IF=9.423
OTUB2 Exerts Tumor Suppressive Roles via STAT1-Mediated CALML3 Activation and Increased Phosphatidylserine Synthesis
Chang W, Luo Q, Wu X, Nan Y, Zhao P, Zhang L, Luo A, Jiao W, Liu Z*

▶ Tingbo Liang's team

1. Gut IF=27.81
Mass cytometry-based peripheral blood analysis as a novel tool for early detection of solid tumours: a multicentre study
Zhang, Q, Mao, Y, Lin, C, Hu, MY, Wang, YY, Lou, Y, Kong, QM, Zhang, JG, Li, JJ, Zhang, YH, Yang, TX, Sun, X, Yao, WY, Hua, YF, Huang, HF, Xu, MH, Wang, XG, Yu, X, Tao, WF, Liu, RT, Gao, YM, Wang, T, Wang, JN, Wei, XB, Wu, JC, Yu, ZP, Zhang, CW, Yu, CH, Bai, XL, Liang, TB
2.  Mil Med Res IF=17.882
mRNA vaccine development for cholangiocarcinoma: a precise pipeline
Tang, TY, Huang, X, Zhang, G, Lu, MH, Liang, TB
3.  Mil Med Res IF=17.882
Personalized pancreatic cancer therapy: from the perspective of mRNA vaccine
Huang, X, Zhang, G, Tang, TY, Gao, X, Liang, TB
4.Trends Pharmacol Sci IF=17.123
Subtyping for pancreatic cancer precision therapy.
Huang, X, Zhang, G, Liang, TB
5. J Immunother Cancer IF=13.892
Oncolytic immunotherapy: multiple mechanisms of oncolytic peptides to confer anticancer immunity
Tang, TY , Huang, X, Zhang, G, Liang, TB
6. J Immunother Cancer IF=13.892
Oncolytic peptide LTX-315 induces anti-pancreatic cancer immunity by targeting the ATP11B-PD-L1 axis
Tang, TY,  Huang, X, Zhang, G,  Lu, MH, Hong, ZT, Wang, M, Huang, JM, Zhi, X, Liang, TB
7.  J Nanobiotechnology IF=11.509
Engineered a dual-targeting biomimetic nanomedicine for pancreatic cancer chemoimmunotherapy
Wang, M, Hu, QD, Huang, JM, Zhao, XY, Shao, SY, Zhang, F, Yao, Z, Ping, Y, Liang, TB
8. Biochim Biophys Acta Rev Cancer IF=10.769
One shoot, three birds: Targeting NEK2 orchestrates chemoradiotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy in cancer treatment.
Huang, X, Zhang, G, Tang, TY, Gao, X, Liang, TB
9.  EBioMedicine IF=10.481
Dynamic profiling of immune microenvironment during pancreatic cancer development suggests early intervention and combination strategy of immunotherapy
Jiaqi Yang 1, Qi Zhang 2, Junli Wang 1, Yu Lou 1, Zhengtao Hong 1, Shumei Wei 3, Ke Sun 4, Jianing Wang 1, Yiwen Chen 2, Jianpeng Sheng 5, Wei Su 2, Xueli Bai 6, Tingbo Liang 7


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